Custom CBT/WBT

40+ years of designing, developing, and deploying custom, self-paced, on-demand, computer based training.

Our story

We provide eLearning solutions that use today’s best instructional design techniques and technology to improve learner retention.

From Mainframe to Your Pocket.
Back in the early 80's we were creating learning solutions that ran on Xerox mainframe machines. Now we're developing and securely hosting learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies... that fit in your pocket.

"We were asked to put together a suite of computer-based training modules for a major customer as part of our comprehensive training package. Our search for an organization to create the CBT training courses led us to Creative Approaches because of their wealth of experience with e-Learning.

We simply provided Creative Approaches with the necessary information and they took it from there. They produced CBT training modules that were informative, easy to navigate and visually appealing. The training product they developed generated very positive reviews from our customer and in fact became the standard for CBTs now set by the customer for all their other suppliers.

Our experience with Creative Approaches has jump-started our on-line and on-screen training. We are now working with Creative Approaches on developing additional training packages for other customers."

Karin Jaron

Manager, Technical Publications and Training
Thales Canada, Transportation Solutions


Incredibly experienced. Deeply creative.
Proven instructional techniques.

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30+ Years in Business

Our experience spans decades in many different industries, changes in instructional design, and the internet evolution.

Responsive Design

Everything we create can be displayed on the devices we all use - even phones. We firmly believe learning has to happen anywhere.

Instructional Expertise

It's safe to say we never truly feel like experts. After 30 years of evolving methods and tools - so yeah... maybe we are experts.


We put creative learning methods first. If it's not fun and engaging why do it? That not only goes for us, it also goes for your employees.


Specific objectives are set, measured, and adjusted. Clear learning strategies and priortizing content is a must to be effective.

Multifaceted Learning

Take into account an ever-changing and dynamic learning base and socially-growing environment. Don't stick to one "thing".

We’ve built thousands of eLearning solutions for a wide variety of businesses and industries.

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What's next?

Physics... that's what!

Accelerometer & GPS

We are developing new learning methods using the accelerometer (and gyroscope) in mobile devices.


Using powerful tools and creative minds to design and develop amazing, cutting-edge solutions.


Extending the impact of learning content and delivery methods to more than just a few senses.

Deborah Gears

PhD, President
Boolean Shore, LLC
"I felt like a partner in the development process. Communicating with Creative Approaches was easy and together we created an engaging online game platform designed for growth."

Jim McGuire

Targeted Performance Partners
"We started working with Creative Approaches in 2011 when a client of ours had a vague notion about turning their training content into online courses. Ian Caspersson, along with everyone at Creative Approaches, helped us take this idea and turn it into an online training program - offering dozens of courses that are available to our client’s employees on a world-wide basis."

Karin Jaron

Manager, Technical Publications and Training
Thales Canada, Transportation solutions
"Creative Approaches created a suite of interactive computer-based training (CBT) modules for a major customer. They were always quick to respond to changing requirements, producing a high-quality product that was well-received by our customer and is now considered the standard for all their vendors for CBTs."