Interactive Guides

Provide your employees with a media-rich experience at their fingertips.

iBook (Apple devices)

Creative Approaches utilizes all of the new education focused features that an iBook provides. An iBook contains very specific instructional material that can be accessed offline on Apple devices. Improving the skills, knowledge, and understanding of your employees will have a positive direct impact on your bottom line.

EPUB (Just about any device)

Already using an electronic publication reader? No problem. We can design and develop your training content into an EPUB. Just as with an iBook we can embed video, links, animation, audio, and more. EPUB documents can be viewed on just about any of todays desktop and mobile devices with any of the free EPUB readers.

Offline access

Great thing about an interactive guide - you can download it and view it offline. An internet connection is not necessary. This means your "on-site" and "in the field" personnel can access their materials at any time. An awesome way to turn your business procedures, plans, and instructional materials into an online library.

Paperless & quick to update

In our opinion, these are the top two benefits of an interactive guide. Get rid of all that paper. Once it's downloaded you can add notes, highlight sections, and search - just to name a few features. Then, when the time comes to update it, we make your updates and 'POOF!' your personnel have the most recent version.

Sample iBook video

Interactive Content Types

There is a standard set of widgets that are most commonly used, but they can be expanded and developed based on your exact needs.

Rich Media

Movies and audio files employees can play.

Galleries & Interactive Images

Sequences of images with captions. Graphics with callouts. Pan and zoom to view detailed information about specific parts of a graphic.


Three dimensional images that employees can twist, twirl, zoom, and manipulate.


We can design and develop unique interactions with HTML5 and CSS3 for custom requests that are then embedded into your interactive guide.


Simple to complex movement of training items (illustrations, images, icons, etc.) can be created to demonstrate a process, procedure, etc.

... and more with widgets!

The interactive guide developer community adds new widgets to an extensive library every week.

Paperless, always available, engaging materials - Interactive Guides!

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Jerry Musheno
J.D., R.Ph., President at MPJE Made Easy
"Most recently, I have been asked to develop a manual that students can access online but that also provides students the ability to download it to their personal devices and make notes on the material. Needless to say, Creative Approaches has a solution and has developed iBook versions of the manuals to do just that. Too bad that Allstate has trademarked the “you’re in good hands” slogan, because that is the best way to summarize my view of Creative Approaches...’re in good hands with Creative Approaches".

Build an eLibrary

Have us convert your current manuals and training materials into interactive guides. We can then assist in building a digital library for you and your employees that is always available - even on their mobile devices.

SHOW, don't just tell

Interactive guides are just that... interactive. Keep your employees engaged by providing exercises they must engage with, and perform correctly, so they are always learning the newest, most accurate, way of doing things.

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