CBT/WBT Custom Courses

Professional eLearning solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Paper to Digital

We assist in improving your company/product/service manuals, new hire training, policies and procedures, etc. and then convert them into professional, responsive, online courses.

We're sure you've looked at all the paper in your office and thought "There's got to be a better way."
There is!

Instructional Design

Our expertise in developing training content includes all levels of instructional design - identifying skills, finding the knowledge gaps, developing engaging interactions, and building creative bridges to ensure the information is retained.

What good is taking the time to provide the training if no one remembers it?


We translate content (textual, audio, and video) into any desired language (currently over 30 languages and dialects), giving your program worldwide appeal. This includes graphics, navigation buttons, icons, delivery/launch messaging, and other visual elements.

How far do your translated courses reach?

Training Content Types

We present your training content as interactive simulations, case-based scenarios, and on-the-job experiences - just to name a few.

Interactive Simulations
Guided learning through repetition.
Case-based Scenarios
Decide based on the facts.
On-the-job Experiences
Learn from what others have done.
Step-by-step Process
Follow the steps in the correct order.
Personalized Interactions
Level-based tiered content.
Choose your path
One course, many endings.
Show the exact process to use.
Assessments & Quizzes
Are they really learning?
View demos

Computer Based Training saves your business time, money, and is available 24/7 on any device with an internet connection.

Self Paced

Online courses are learner controlled, self paced, and available online to all employees 24/7 - no more big binders or lines at the copy machine.


Online courses work because learners can retake courses as refreshers, review individual modules, analyze procedures, and stimulate their brain at their convenience and at their own pace.

Learning Styles

Every employee has one way they learn best. Some learn visually, others need sound, and others "learn by doing" with hands-on simulations and assessments. The courses we build can include all of the above.

You asked: How do you create my online course?

Below is a quick overview of the process we use to ensure your CBT is perfect, professional, and on time... EVERY TIME.

The Creative Approaches Collaborative Process
Brainstorming and review
of current materials
What do you currently use?
  • Normally start with an NDA
  • Pull together current materials:
    PPT, DOC, PDF, Videos, ILT, etc.
  • Create teams, assign team leaders, gather SME's (Subject Matter Experts)
  • Prioritize high level "must know"
    versus low level "good to know"
  • Organize what works "as is"
    and what needs to be adjusted
Storyboarding and "Chunking"
of learning objectives
Pull together the actual training information.
  • List objectives in order from highest to lowest
  • Teams review and provide final sign off on objectives
  • Enter objectives into storyboard
    and "backward fill" with learning content
  • Collaborate on what learner content
    needs supporting elements
  • Determine assets for interactive engagements
  • Work with entire team to finalize storyboard
Course design and development
The most fun - in our opinion.
  • The storyboard is our road map for the actual development of the course
  • Schedule on-site time for video shoot(s), environmental shots, image capture, etc.
  • Record all assets
  • Build the entire course - module by module
  • Full team reviews as we complete modules and until the course is completed
  • Hand-off in desired final format

Jim McGuire

Targeted Performance Partners
"Creative Approaches has been responsive to our needs and flexible with our timeline demands, while lending their experience to guide us through the details big and small that are essential in delivering high quality work."

How Do You Build a Leader?

Most of us know that being a leader has its ups and downs.

In this day and age, effective managers draw from experience and knowledge of others in order to successfully navigate through each work day.

An extensive part of your Leadership Training Program should be readily accessible online.

Good leaders are always looking for ideas and answers that help them make difficult decisions and adhere to the company's policies and objectives.

Creative Approaches turns your leadership tools into online resources for all your leaders to access in an instant - on their phones, their mobile devices, and of course, at their desks.

Hitting The Knowledge Wall

Let's face it - some employees are smarter than others. Some get it right the first time, others need the trial-and-error method to work through a problem.

Whatever their preference to learning, there will come a time when they've learned all they need in their current role and are looking for more.

The result? A great employee can become a bored employee.

Creative Approaches helps you build employee retention programs that keep employees learning and moving around your organization - not through it and out.

Happy employees are productive employees and productive employees do great things.

Get us onboard for your next CBT project - or your first.