Games for eLearning

Gamification encourages engagement with your products or services by making them "funner". :P

Gamification Possibilities

eLearning games ignite the want to achieve, tap in to hidden talents, and award successful accomplishments.

Replace The Parts

Educate mechanics, engineers, field employees, etc. about replacement parts. Provide details about the parts and make the connections.

Race To The Top

Success means getting to the top. And that means doing the right things to get there. Perfect for presenting awards at different levels.


Teamwork is the name of the game. Employees collaborate on tasks in order to be successful. Present the challenge, create the teams, and then go for it!


Step into someone else's shoes. Learn the appropriate responses based on real work situations. Hone your skills as the situations get tougher.

Collect, Then Build

Time to build a widget. Parts are collected by successfully answering questions and following the correct steps. Some assembly required.

Game Show

Yep, it's a game show. Anything from Jeopardy to Family Feud... answer correctly to collect points. The most points wins - so hit that buzzer!


This type of game educates by providing the exact needs, requirements, and responsibilities associated with a very specific position.

Choose Your Path

We loved these adventures as kids - now we love them as adults. Employees have to make good decisions. Will they choose the right path?

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With one (or a couple) well defined objectives your game will stay on topic and educate while providing an element of fun.


We build excitement throughout your eLearning game by perfectly positioning "a-ha" moments and encouraging the employee to do great things.

Boss Battle

We all love a good boss battle - enforce your learning objectives by finishing with an over-the-top, unforgettable, battle. An eLearning battle... of course... and not with your real boss.

Stronger interaction with your training materials = smarter, more well-prepared employees.

Gaming Elements

Player movement, throwing, picking-up, selecting items, adjusting settings, stacking, connecting - and so much more! It's all available in your eLearning game.

Instant Feedback

Learners immediately know what they don't know. They get to "try again" and work toward the preferred outcome. This allows for trial and error - which is a huge part of success.


Encourage your employees to compete by providing leaderboards and rewards. Doing so increases retention of the training material, workplace moral, and personal interest.

Boost employee knowledge with eLearning games.