Custom Created iBooks

iBooks provides employees and reps the ability to take their
training & work instructions with them on an iPad or iPhone.

Creative Approaches uses iBooks Author (from Apple) to design and develop
your instructional content into a format that can be delivered on iPads and iPhones.

We can make your iBook available through iTunes U, the iBookstore or to just a
specified set of employees.

Wanna make some dough? If you're looking to make a profit, we can set up your
iBook for purchase on iTunes U or the iBookstore.

If you're looking for a very similar solution that isn't restricted to just an Apple device
check out our EPUB solution.


Improve Learning on an iPad

Creative Approaches utilizes all of the new education focused features that an iBook provides.

We create custom educational material that is directly integrated into your course material.

Creating instructional documents for the iPad is an ideal solution for building and delivering training courses for any corporation.

Smart organizations will leverage the comfort their employees have with the iPad to present material to them that will make them better employees.

An iBook could be designed to instruct restaurant staff on the way to approach a table, where to complete orders, the layout of the restaurant, and the process for recommending wine.

Experienced managers could learn from an iBook of the latest policies related to promotions, travel, or employee benefit changes.

Skilled staff could take a collection of custom courses offered through iBooks that would allow them to gain new certifications and learn cutting edge technology without having to take days off to attend major training sessions.

An iBook allows us to create very specific material that will add real value to your employees. Improving the skills, knowledge, and understanding of your employees often has a direct impact on the bottom line.

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Schools & Colleges

Engaging Textbooks at Last

This info is from a post by Andrew McCarthy

Engaging, interactive, portable and quickly updated textbooks are where education should be heading.

Some of the nicest examples of how iBooks supports student learning are tucked away.

  • By tapping on a word students will find a glossary definition of the term. You can access indexed links of the glossary, back to sections of the book, or use Google to search for the phrase.
  • iBooks can be searched in the top menu bar by typing in keywords, and this will highlight the context in which these words are mentioned. You can also jump to different page numbers, by using a top menu bar.
  • Some images within the iBook are presented as galleries, which can be brought up to full screen and then swiped though as a collection of pictures.
  • Review sections are presented at the end of each chapter. These are provided to support immediate feedback, and are self marking.
  • By tapping on a word students can highlight portions of text and add a note in the margin. These notes can be accessed as a summary in the menu bar, and also viewed through the study cards function by tapping through. Glossary terms can also be reviewed as flash cards and randomized.

The positive elements of iBooks are the level of interaction and engagement that they will facilitate.

Writers, Artists, Publishers

Portfolios, Books or Guides

Book above by Dani Jones

Publishers looking for a partner to turn printed publications into an iTunes ready iBook - contact us today!

If you're an artist then an iBook could be the perfect addition to presenting your work to the masses.

Yes, it means your work has gone the way of the internet and is available to millions of individuals. But in many ways, that's a VERY good thing. Especially if you want to get noticed for your style and expertise.

You could have us put your entire portfolio into an iBook. Or we could create an iBook that's available to purchase that outlines your expertise in writing or illustration.

The possibilities are almost limitless for artists. Writers, illustrators, painters, commercial, ceramicists, photographer, etc.

And because we can add video and multimedia elements to your iBook you can be a dancer, actor, musician, programmer, etc.

Great opportunities and more exposure to your work - win, win!

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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