University of Buffalo Case Study

University of BuffaloIn 2001, A pharmacy professor at a university needed to create a virtual laboratory where students could practice the principles of the scientific method through experimentation without the fear of causing dangerous chemical reactions.

After receiving a grant, the professor was searching for a company who could help turn the virtual laboratory idea into reality.


Due to budgetary constraints, the professor was to create all of the course content and illustrations.


We created a CD-ROM simulation (executable on both PC and Mac, as well as on the campus Intranet) that allowed the user to try several approaches and see the results of each.

In one scenario, a problem was presented to the student along with several options. Upon selecting an option, the student was provided more information about the problem and more options.

By proceeding in this manner, the student could freely investigate the problem.

If the student was unable to correctly complete the experiment, the course explained why the chosen decision path was incorrect and allowed the student to try again.


This software project was recognized as an outstanding “2004 Innovations in Teaching” by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy!

The course is still online and is available at no charge.

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