eLearning in Academia

For Employees, Professors, Sports and Students

Use eLearning course to enhance traditional classroom training. Put assessments and reports online.
Schedule email or text notifications to keep your campus on task. View just-in-time (JIT) reports, review current activity and hot spots.

eLearning in the academic setting is happening now and has incredible possibilities and results. mLearning is the future
of eLearning and perfect for todays students who use the newest technology every day.

Todays students are more tech savvy than we ever were at their age (oops, did I just reveal my age?).

Academic institutions must embrace this and learn how to incorporate a very different angle into their learning management plans.

The majority of students, professors, and employees are carrying mobile devices and go immediately online to find answers.

Anyone remember a card catalog? Yeah, today's students grew up not needing one - it was entirely online.

Creative Approaches can be you eLearning partner - assessment, strategic plan, development and implementation.

Advantages of Academic Blended Learning

Here are a few examples of the advantages:

  • Online courses can support classroom training.
  • Learning/studying online is flexible (on any computer or mobile device at anytime), as opposed to learning in a specific classroom at a set time.
  • Self-paced courses allow students to work at their pace.
  • Off-campus students can reduce travel time to and from the campus by retreiving materials, taking courses and asking questions online.
  • Online learning can provide "knowledge tracks". Students can pretest out of material they have already mastered and focus on more challenging course work and skills.
  • More interaction between a student and a professor when compared to a student taking a large lecture class.
  • Builds self-motivation, self-confidence and strengthens student responsibility.
  • Can contact professors and classmates at any time during the day through bulletin boards, texts, forums, etc.
  • eLearning online courses provide learning that stimulates all the senses; see, hear and interact with the course material.
  • Students become more proficient using computers and online tools.

Disadvantages of Academic Blended Learning

Here are a few examples of the advantages:

  • Students may start to feel isolated and neglected from the instructor and classmates if the majority of the course is online.
  • Slower computers, bogged down internet connections and/or dated technology can make online courses an undesireable option.
  • Students with poor study habits may find self-paced courses make them fall behind.
  • Lab work is best done as a hands on activity in teams, not online (although we build virtual labs).
  • Professors and classmates may not be available at certain times during the day when students need help.
  • Online courses do not have the same routine as showing up to class everyday.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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