eLearning Solutions

Creative Approaches has been in business for 30 years. We know eLearning and we know how to get it right the first time. Below are the most asked for learning solutions we provide.

Custom CBT

Custom CBT

Custom Online Training Courses

eLearning solutions that use today’s best instructional design techniques and technology to improve retention.
Simply put, those who take the classes we create, remember more.

Get the benefits, how CBT works and why you should definitiely provide your employee training online.

CBT Conversion

CBT Conversion

Training Not Superhero Enough?

We take your "old style" computer based training, dust it off and give it the superhero treatment. Here's one benefit... the new course is developed at considerably less cost than redeveloping the course from scratch.

Want to use the same content, but kick it up to todays standards? CBT Conversion is the right choice.

mLearning (Mobile)

mLearning (Mobile)

Learning Through Mobile Devices

You may run a business where your employees need access to training materials at a moments notice. There is no better way to successfully accomplish this than to provide the info through any mobile device.

Make it easy for employees to learn on their terms and become stronger and smarter in your workplace.



Interactive Books for Training Staff

iBooks are great solutions for training a global staff. They are absolutely perfect for offsite sales reps, customer service employees and those needing to "carry" their digital files.

Including iBooks in your training program puts critical info into the hands of those using iPads and iPhones.

EPublications (EPUB)

iBooks & EPUBs

EPUBs for Training Your Staff

EPUBs are different from an iBook in that they are not device specific (and don't look as cool). EPUBs can be downloaded to the vast majority of mobile devices for employees on-the-go.

EPUBs are a great way to electronically "bind" your training materials. Bind and go - without paper.

Language Translations

Convert Paper to Digital

Spoken Around The World

Creative Approaches translates training content into hundreds of different languages. From Czech to Italian and Spanish to Hungarian, we can translate it all. And our translation is not 100% electronic.

We have real people review translations to ensure perfection before hand off. Learn more.

ILT Materials

ILT Materials

Instructor and Classroom Materials

Sometimes you need to get a large group together and train in a classroom. We design and print all the necessary instructional materials and deliver them directly to your doorstep. Be ready, be prepared!

We'll work with you to create instructor guides, student manuals, job aids, reference cards and more.



Certifications, Surveys and Tests

eTesting helps with the delivery of tests, the administration of the test, the reporting of results and the analysis of test performance. It can be used for awarding certifications and gathering performance data.

Surveys can gauge reaction to a new product or employee satisfaction. So many options!

Learning Mgmt Systems

Convert Paper to Digital

LMS - the Brains of Your World

You're gonna need a powerful LMS to save all your training information (and to make sense of it). Creative Approaches develops and administers custom LMS solutions and installs off-the-shelf LMS software.

The Learning Management System is the KEY and a VERY important part of your eLearning program.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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