eLearning Services

Creative Approaches has been assisting business with eLearning services for 30 years. Below are the most asked for learning services we provide.

Cost Justification

Is it worth the effort?

Presenting your eLearning program's ROI through cost savings and business impact can be tricky. The desire is to reduce the overall cost while ensuring the highest levels of productivity and employee engagement.

Read on to learn how to justify the cost of an eLearning program and analyze the ROI.

Employee Development

Are Your Employees Up for the Job?

Each level of your organization (Owners, Directors, Managers, Employees, IT, etc.) need training and support to be successful in the tasks and direction you are taking them. Are you providing these needs?

You can't afford to hire bad employees. Ensure you have a manager & employee development program in place.

Build an eLearning Program

Much Needed Help

Creative Approaches assists businesses and education institutions set up and maintain an eLearning program. Our services are designed to help you during any phase of your eLearning on-boarding process.

Build your eLearning program with the assistance of a 30 year old business. Yeah, that would be us.

Understanding mLearning

What is mLearning?

Is it taking a course on a portable device? Yeah, sort of. Is it taking a course on my iPad or tablet computer on the subway? Yes, you're getting there. Ok, is it that I can take a course anywhere I want?

Give up? Here is a good definition of mLearning and why it has become a VERY important service.

Converting Paper to Digital

Manuals & Guides into Online Courses

Get your company manuals, new hire training, policies and procedures converted into online courses. Effective and convenient for all your employees.
Ready to step into the future?

Here are the benefits, how it works and why you should definitiely provide your employee training online.

eLearning Support

Need Some HELP?

Our customer service and technical support experts provide help on both general eLearning program questions and technical issues. You can contact us directly with your questions.

Real people assist you directly to find answers and options to your questions and needs. Learn more.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

Call us today 800-934-6299 or local 585-657-6379.

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