mLearning (Mobile)

What is mLearning?

Over the past 5 years there have been debates about how to define what mobile learning is.

The difficulty is partially because of the rapid evolution of this as a field, and partially because mobile learning
works best when it is a part of something else.

The eLearning Guild has defined it as: "Any activity that allows individuals to be more productive when consuming,
interacting with, or creating information, mediated through a compact digital portable device that the individual carries
on a regular basis, has reliable connectivity, and fits in a pocket or purse."

Creative Approaches has developed a mobile learning platform and course builder to satisfy mLearning - called caiDox.


The Future of Learning

Build. Learn. Anywhere.

Experience the revolutionary approach to online employee mobile training.

From Mainframe To Your Pocket.
caiDox is built with over 29 years of experience in the eLearning world.

caiDox bridges the gap between your training compliance needs and your employee’s computers & mobile devices.

Training as Company Culture.
caiDox is the great influencer for employee training.

Tech Savvy and Mobile

Do You Truly Know Your Employees?

Today’s employees are extremely tech savvy and skim through information. Think Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google. They don’t read full paragraphs – and they shouldn’t have to.

Focused and simple, caiDox evolves employee training as mLearning. Delivering it on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices – wherever people learn best.

Your employees are mobile, so is caiDox.

The freedom to build courses and learn anywhere, anytime, greatly improves training compliance and learning retention. Visit the caiDox website for complete details.


...and Insanely Easy

Build and deliver online courses through mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Create a mLearning Course in Minutes.

Are you familiar with Microsoft Word? Yes? Perfect.

  1. Build your course.
  2. Deliver it to your employees.
  3. Track course completions.

It really is that easy and powerful.

Go to for complete details.

Welcome to the future of learning. Visit for complete details.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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