Manager & Employee Development

Do you know if your managers and employees are up to the job?

From Wikipedia: Management Development is best described as the process from which managers learn
and improve their skills not only to benefit themselves but also their employing organizations.

Employee Development is very much the same.

You can't afford bad managers or unproductive employees.

Poor managers and uncaring employees have a very real effect on your business.
The main problem? They damage morale and, in turn, styme productivity.

Bad managers can make your best performing, key employees, leave your business.

What's the best way to improve managers and employees? Training.

How can you ensure your managers and employees have the training they need to help you reach your objectives?

Leadership Training

How Do You Build a Leader?

Being a leader has many ups and downs. Executives manage Directors, Directors manage Managers, Managers manage Employees.

In this day and age, effective managers draw from experience and knowledge in order to successfully navigate through each work day.

  • Are you providing important information and resources to your leaders to continuously learn from?
  • Do they have what they need to be successful in handling your most difficult employees... your easiest employees?

A big part of your Leadership Training Program should be readily accessible online.

Good leaders are always looking for ideas and answers that help them make difficult decisions and adhere to the companys policies and objectives.

Creative Approaches turns your leadership tools into online resources for all your leaders to access in an instant - on their phones, their tablet devices, and of course at their desks.

We will help you organize your materials and design a Leadership Training Program that specifically fits your business needs.

Employee Know-How

Hitting The Knowledge Wall

Let's face it - some employees are smarter than others. Some get it right the first time, others need the trial-ans-error method to work through a problem.

Some learn by reading, others learn by watching, some learn from both.

Whatever their preference to learning, there will come a time when they've learned all they need in their current role.

And the result is a great employee becomes a bored employee.

Good companies will see this and be proactive, other companies let it roll and eventually lose a great employee.

Creative Approaches is available to help you build employee retention programs that keep employees learning and moving around your organization - not through it and out.

Happy employees are productive employees and we know this very well.

It takes so many more resources (think time and money) to bring a new employee onboard than it does to move an employee from one department to another or provide them with something new and exciting to work on.

Contact Creative Approaches to start the conversation of how to keep great employees from going somewhere else.

Performance Management

Not Just The Normal Routine

A VERY important part of your management strategy is Performance Management (oftentimes referred to as a "PA" or Performance Appraisal).

Most companies handle these management needs once a year. We know these take alot of time to put together, but if you do it this way you're missing many important opportunities to help employees improve throughout the year.

Managers and employees don't typically like PA's because of the "once-a-year" review. A great leap forward would be to provide these same reviews in smaller segments throughout the year?

How Can Creative Approaches Help Improve Your Performance Management Process?

  • We'll help you use eLearning to turn your managers into coaches. A coach will do more than just point out a problem. They'll help develop solutions and encourge employees to take more responsibility for their actions.
  • We'll help you use your eLearning programs to improve your Performance Management Program. Find the source of employee shortcomings and improve them through assigning online courses, eTesting and additional resources.
  • We'll help develop materials and information that you can use with managers to understand the importance of your Performance Management Process.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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