LMS (Learning Management System)

Provide employees with a means to train on their time from
any computer with an internet connection.

Deliver, track, and manage courses and transcripts.

Creative Approaches builds custom LMS's or administers out-of-the-box learning management systems.

An LMS is a web-based product that delivers, tracks and manages your eLearning courses and online training.

The LMS manages your training records and distributes online courses over the internet.

Automate your training records and provide easy registration for employees, and their supervisors,
to online courses and classroom sessions.

An LMS Provides...

The majority of out-of-the-box LMS software comes with a very standard set of options and functions.

It can be set up without much hastle of configuration on a server by someone from your IT team or outside eLearning company (Creative Approaches).

If you are choosing an LMS it's best to get an eLearning company onboard to assist in the selection process.

Here is a list of the most common options that come with an LMS:

  • Self-registration for instructor-led training
  • Email & text notifications
  • Course Calendar
  • Supervisor approval of courses
  • Assessments, Transcripts & Reports
  • Management of continuous professional education (CPE)
  • Collaborative learning
  • Resource management of instructors, facilities & equipment
  • Forums, posts & trainer feedback
  • User Groups
  • Create Curriculum
  • ...And so much more!

So Many Options

The LMS can be fully customized with many options to choose from. Since it's built to be scalable, we can add on as needed at any time.

Here are the most widely chosen options:

  • Manage employee/student access.
  • Generate reports.
  • Course calendar - per location, course, grade level, etc.
  • Power search of all data.
  • Set up learning paths/tracks.
  • Employee/student messaging and notifications.
  • Assessment/testing capable of handling student pre and post tests.
  • Display test and coursework scores.
  • Build transcripts.
  • Grading of coursework and roster development.
  • Web-based or blended course instruction.
  • Auto-enroll (enrolling employees/students in courses according to predefined criteria, such as job title, work location, or completed prerequisites).
  • Manager approval of courses.
  • Integration with performance tracking and management system.
  • Tools to identify skill gaps at department and individual level.

Owners can:

  • Serve a larger number of employees.
  • Improve compliance.
  • Increase employee confidence.
  • Increase opportunity for certifications.
  • Increase training efficiency.
  • Decrease expenses.
  • Shorten time away from work for training.

Managers can:

  • Improve training times.
  • Access employee training records.
  • Autoschedule courses.
  • Improve understanding of content.
  • Improve internal & external communications.
  • Access training materials & reports 24/7.

Employees can:

  • Enhance the personal nature of their learning experience.
  • Receive additional & timely support.
  • Increase course completion capabilities.
  • Improve overall learning.
  • Connect with managers & trainers 24/7.
  • Access course materials 24/7.

IT Staff can:

  • Enjoy a scalable and reliable system in terms of performance.
  • Promote standards compliance, quality control, and integration across courses.
  • Assist with business-wide deployment and management.
  • Increase IT operational efficiency.

Thinking About an LMS System?

Many people think that when they put their first few courses online they need to buy a Learning Management System (LMS). A comparison could be made to a firm hiring their first few employees and feeling the urge to buy a complete HR/Payroll Management/Benefits Management software system.

An LMS is a sophisticated, complex business system not much different than an accounting system, inventory system, or customer management system. Like other major business systems, in an ideal situation, the LMS can be integrated into the existing systems so when a new hire is added to the system, he or she is automatically registered for all required training based upon job assignment.

Acquiring and implementing an LMS can rapidly reach and exceed six figures and higher. Often prospective shoppers decide that as long as they’re going to spend a lot of money, they might as well get something that can do everything they could ever want it to do. In one case, a large financial institution formed a selection committee that ended up with a “wish list” of requirements for such features as “all courses must be able to be taken on Palm Pilots” and “the system was to include student self-registration via telephone directly into the database”. When they went out to leading vendors for pricing the responses ranged from $1.2 million to $2.3 million.

The reality today is that what most people want from an LMS is simply to know:

  • Who has taken what courses?
  • How well did they do?
  • How long did it take them (vs. traditional classroom training – for ROI calculation)
  • What questions did they miss?
  • Have they taken the latest version of the training?

We have created custom solutions for several of our clients that answer all of these questions and more with solutions costing just a few thousand dollars. The solutions are database-driven so the data is being captured in a format that is readily portable to a full-featured LMS down the road when many courses are online and a true need exists to “manage learning” vs. simply to “track completions”. Also, by using a “simple solution” first, you become familiar with features that are desirable (and unnecessary) when the time comes to invest in a “true” LMS.

Another significant consideration today is that the LMS market is still shaking out. Large providers are merging and choosing which of their systems will survive the merger, if either. Others are going out of business completely. It’s one thing to have written courses with an authoring tool that cost a few thousand dollars and have it cease to be viable. It’s another to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and even more internal resources in system integration only to find that the product is being discontinued by the vendor.

Bottom line: If you just need to do some basic tracking and be able to analyze student responses, contact us to create a very affordable custom solution for you.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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