Tests and quizzes can be a true assessment of how well
your training materials perform.

Are your employees or students passing based on their knowledge
or by just clicking "All the above"?

e-Testing not only helps with the delivery of tests (presenting questions
to be answered), but it helps with the administration of the test (scores
are automatically calculated
), the reporting of results (authorized personnel can
see results within seconds of completion), and analysis of test performance
(evaluators can see which questions are working and which are causing confusion).

Here at CAI, we have been developing e-testing content and e-testing tools for thirty years.

What is the best way to create and use an eTest?

  • Scattered questions throughout the course reinforce retention of learned material.
  • A quiz should continue the learning process, not trick the student into
    picking the wrong answer.
  • Quizzes can be taken as practice, or self tests, to improve skills at any time.
  • A mix of question types makes the student think before choosing an answer.
  • Interactive questions (sorting, matching, numerical order, etc.) are
    much better then multiple choice.
  • The word "quiz" makes people shrink. Nobody likes to take a quiz -
    so it's very important to use quizzes appropriately in all courses.


eTesting Has Many Benefits

  • Tester and the testee have a chance to measure the knowledge they have acquired.
  • The Creative Approaches eTests come in many forms: true/false, multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, word bank, matching drag and drop, and sequencing, accommodating multiple learning styles.
  • Question feedback happens as soon as the student submits their answer.
  • eTests can be retaken as many times as the student needs as practice or until they successfully pass.
  • The eTests Creative Approaches creates are more interactive and fun. This engages the student to think about the answer for a longer period of time.

Part of CBT

Training Not Superhero Enough?

  • When it comes to assessing your online courses there is no better way than to strategically place eTests/quizzes throughout each chapter, topic, or lesson.
  • Creative Approaches' instructional designers build quiz questions and interactions based on the course objectives.
  • eTests should be challenging, but ensure they do not trick the student into picking the wrong answer.
  • Online course eTests always relate to the content just learned by the student.
  • We order the final eTest questions in the same way the course curriculium was ordered. This helps the student think back and concentrate on the correct answer.

Prepatory Quiz

On CD or Online

Deliver a prepatory quiz on CD or online.

  • Creative Approaches can put the quizzes we create on your behalf onto CD's or pay-to-play online.
  • Mail CD's to multiple locations or sell them.
  • Prep quizzes are great for handing out after a classroom training session, a lecture, or as part of a conference track.
  • This is a great option for students or employees to practice during down time or on their own in order to prepare for a final test, event, or other occasion that requires lead time in learning.

Quizzes should be challenging, but ensure they do not trick the student into picking the wrong answer.

Why eTesting?

Do you need to test individuals periodically so they can:

  • Perform more effectively in their jobs?
  • Accept more responsibility?
  • Qualify for pay incentives?

Do you need to test individuals on their knowledge of a new product, service, or procedure?

Or, do you need to create an online survey to gauge:

  • Reaction to a new product?
  • Employee satisfaction?
  • Opinions of an existing product?

An e-Testing Scenario

Imagine creating a bank of perhaps 1,000 questions in 10 different categories. The individual signs on to a program via their Internet or Intranet and takes a randomized selection of perhaps 50 questions consisting of predetermined quantities of questions from each of the identified categories. During presentation, not only the individual questions but even the question's possible answers are randomized. After the individual  answers the questions, their score, by category, is calculated and presented to them.

If they pass, immediate action can be taken, ranging from printing a Certificate of Qualification to automatically updating their personnel file. If they do not pass, they are automatically scheduled to re-take the test and/or given additional assignments.

As the administrator, not only can you access individual student records, you can also perform extensive analyses of each of the 1,000 questions in the bank to see how it is performing. All student data is captured in a database format so can be easily manipulated and interrogated using familiar tools. For additional information, please give us a call.

Let us work with you to accomplish the following:

  1. Convert existing questions to readily available online question banks
    • Many different question types supported
    • Questions can be grouped by category
    • Varying point values can be assigned to individual question components
  2. Test individuals at remote sites via the Internet or Intranet
    • Present randomly selected questions from a question bank
    • Provide a predetermined number of questions from each category
    • Randomize the presentation of questions and the answer selections within the questions
    • Provide feedback ranging from nothing at all to response-specific playing of a media clip or directing the individual to a specific URL
    • Provide instantaneous grading and reporting of results
  3. Gather performance data about each individual and post it to existing training databases
    • Supports Access and SQL databases. Data can easily be extracted and used in databases, spreadsheets, or word processors
  4. Provide reports
    • Standard formats available
    • Custom formats can be developed
    • Can report on individuals, groups of individuals, and individual questions

Interested in Certification?

  1. Create a bank of desired questions
  2. Conduct certification testing via the Internet or Intranet
    • Provide a predetermined number of randomly selected questions from the question bank with answer selections randomized within the questions
    • ¬†
  3. Gather data about responses and analyze it with powerful database tools
  4. Provide itemized reports
  5. Ensure that personnel are at the desired "state of readiness" at all times

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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