eLearning Benefits

Online courses save your business time, money, and are available 24/7.
But what else?

The benefits of utilizing an eLearning program goes beyond saving travel time and money.

Your eLearning program delivers a level of consistency and immediate access to training content
that your classroom, instructor-led training can't. Online courses makes it easy for employees to make
learning a continuous part of their job, leading to improved performance, better educated employees
and higher retention rates.

eLearning is designed and deployed to provide business information that's current and transferable
to employees' day-to-day jobs.

We build eLearning solutions that use today’s best instructional design techniques for improving retention.

Simply put, those who take the classes we create, remember more.


Custom Online Training Courses

  • Online courses are available Anywhere at Anytime.
  • Online courses are learner controlled, self paced, and available to all employees 24/7 online.
  • Wider reach. Lower overall training and development costs allow you to build bigger and better learning programs that provide more content and opportunities for more employees to benefit from learning initiatives.
  • Online courses work because employees can retake classes, analyze procedures, and stimulate the brain at their convenience.
  • There's no need to track down CDs since the course is completely online.
  • Employees can take courses at their leisure.
  • Course materials are available online - no more big binders or lines at the copy machine.
  • Courses can be retaken as refreshers.
  • Multiple ways of learning - employees have their own ways of learning. Some learn visually, others "learn by doing".
  • Designed and developed to your exact specifications and training requirements.
  • Supplement classroom training.
  • An online course is a many-to-one training experience.

Why Are They So Effective?

Higher Retention & Non-Linear

  • Employees who use technology-based training retain 50 - 60% more information than employees trained in a traditional instructor-led classroom setting.
  • The delivery of course content in small chunks contributes to a more lasting learning effect and positive experience. Whereas the average content retention rate for an instructor-led class is only 58%, the more intensive eLearning experience enhances that retention rate by 25 - 35%.
  • Online courses enable “smart” structures, learning tracks, and logic that recognize completion of prerequisites and unlock the appropriate courses through our LMS.
  • Policies and procedures can be presented in interactive simulations, case-based scenarios, and on-the-job experiences.
  • Centralized online courses work with Learning Management Systems (LMS). The LMS offers more layers of training tools.
  • Non-linear training provided on the web (web-based).
  • Content can be modified immediately without replacing a CD or Flash Drive.
  • No limitations on final course file size.
  • No limitations with Learning Management System (LMS).

Eliminate Costly Expenses

...and Save Time!

Does new hire orientation mean sitting in a conference room for hours on end?

eLearning eliminates the expense and inconvenience of scheduling meeting rooms and gathering employees and instructors in one location.

According to Training Magazine, businesses save between 50 - 70% when replacing instructor-led training with an eLearning service.

Opting for eLearning also means that an online course can be built into shorter sessions and spread out over a few days or weeks so that your business won’t lose an employee for days at a time.

You may be unaware of how much wasted time goes in to the "busy work" of getting ready for a classroom training session.

If you're doing it the old way then you've got all the copy making, booklet binding, paper shuffling, searching for whiteboard markers, carrying around the projector, and making sure your samples are in order.

Oh, and don't forget the attendance sheet or course assessment!

Unlike classroom training, e-learning content can be accessed by multiple employees, in multiple locations at any point in time. Every time an employee accesses a course or other e-learning asset, your ROI improves because your cost to provide that specific course or asset remains the same.

We build rich media training courses.
These include one-off training, complete course sets, course tracks, and web-based training sessions.
Customized to your exact needs!

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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