Custom Computer Based Training
(CBT) Development

eLearning solutions that use today’s best instructional
design techniques and technology to improve retention.

Simply put, those who take the classes we create,
remember more.

Since its inception, Creative Approaches has specialized in custom
CBT development, course conversions, CBT/LMS software, multimedia
and custom eLearning development for more than 100 companies
and over 300 applications and products

Whether developing from scratch, building an eLearning program,
converting from paper to digital, or updating an old course,
let our 30 years of eLearning experience work for you.

Put your trust in Creative Approaches to:

We’ve built over 300 eLearning solutions for a wide variety of businesses and industries. Check out our Customers and Demos.

Convert Paper to Digital

Convert Paper to Digital

Manuals & Guides into Online Courses

Get your company manuals, new hire training, policies and procedures converted into online courses. Effective and convenient for all your employees.
Ready to step into the future?

Here are the benefits, how it works and why you should definitiely provide your employee training online.

iBooks & EPUBs

iBooks & EPUBs

Interactive Books for Training Staff

iBooks and EPUBs are great solutions for training a global staff. They are absolutely perfect for offsite sales reps, customer service employees and those needing to "carry" their digital files.

Including iBooks & EPUBs in your training program will put critical info into the hands of those needing it most.

mLearning (Mobile)

mLearning (Mobile)

Learning Through Mobile Devices

You may run a business where your employees need access to training materials at a moments notice. There is no better way to successfully accomplish this than to provide the info through any mobile device.

Make it easy for employees to learn on their terms and become stronger and smarter in your workplace.

caiDox - mobile learning platform and course builder

And The Kitchen Sink

Announcing "caiDox"

Creative Approaches has developed the future of learning and it's called caiDox. Build and deliver online courses through mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.

A mobile learning platform and course builder in one!

Justifying the Cost of an eLearning Program

A Little Help From My Friends

Justifying the Cost
of an eLearning Program

Where are the efficiencies? What's the difference between stand up training and online training? Tell me about cost, time and materials.

Save thousands by reducing printed materials, improving retention and cutting back on non-productive time. Learn how to justify the cost.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

Call us today 800-934-6299 or local 585-657-6379.

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