CBT Conversion

Training Not Superhero Enough?

Creative Approaches has been doing CBT Conversion for thirty years.

Since 1983, not only have we developed a variety of effective ways to put CBT content into a CBT course,
we have also devised tools and techniques to take content out of a CBT course.

This means that a course developed for one environment can be converted to another at considerably less cost than
redeveloping the course from scratch.

We have worked with a variety of authoring tools on various platforms.

Let us analyze your old course and help you with CBT conversion.

Why would you want to do this?

  1. You do not have the authoring system needed to make desired changes.
  2. The organization has selected a new system as the standard.
  3. You do not have time to learn the authoring system used to create the course.
  4. The present authoring system makes revisions difficult.
  5. The old system lacks features (e.g. LAN support) or vendor support.
  6. You cannot obtain the source code from the initial vendor.
  7. You need to put a PC-based course on the internet.
  8. The current system vendor requires expensive licensing fees.

Make Improvements During the Conversion

In addition, we can enrich your courses' aesthetic appearance. Modernizing the graphical appearance for your course can affect the motivation of the students taking it since, for some, color seems to fulfill an emotional need.

Similarly, the graphic appearance of a course can affect how people view your course material (i.e. seeing it as outdated vs. current and relevant).

Let our graphic and instructional designers:

  • Update tables, graphs and charts to reflect data (and date) changes.
  • Add animations, sound and video to enhance the learner's experience.
  • Give the course a more contemporary feel to match the current designs seen on the internet.
  • Change the course to match the current corporate look and feel of your company.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

Call us today 800-934-6299 or local 585-657-6379.

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