Safe Passage Case Study

This client was to develop a training kiosk for a million dollar luggage scanner.

The resulting kiosk product was to train the end-users on how to use the sophisticated scanner.

In addition, the program had to teach the basic theories of X-ray technology and CT Scan technology to airport security personnel.

Finally, the program needed to test the operators regularly and frequently to make sure they understood how to identify new potential threats.


  • The actual product involved two separate display screens and a separate controls console.
  • New threats are constantly being discovered. As each is identified, it needs to be added to the “test bank” for training purposes to make trainees and experienced operators aware of the new threat.


Creative Approaches created an exact simulation of the scanner which simultaneously displayed all three system components on a single screen.

In addition, using CT Scan and X-Ray images taken by the equipment, we worked with the client to create a database of 500 different luggage scenarios, each containing some 50 images. Some contained hazardous items.

An “import” feature was created for the system that allowed new threat examples to be added as they were identified.


During testing, the system randomly selects 50 scenarios. If just one bag containing a prohibited item is allowed to pass through, the individual fails the test.

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