RXpert Case Study

When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, they undergo a lengthy preliminary interview process to determine their current behavior patterns.

The time required by doctors to do this costs more than most healthcare providers were willing to pay for. Our client was searching for a less labor-intensive way to conduct this important interview.


Many home computers only had dial-up speed connection to the Internet so bandwidth utilization had to be kept to a minimum.


Creative Approaches created a hybrid CD-ROM. The CD automatically started up, launched onto the Web, and the user then answered a web-based bank of questions.

Video clips of a virtual doctor were launched from the CD. The doctor would give an explanation and then would present multiple-choice questions. Based upon the patient's answers, the next appropriate video would play. If certain questions were not necessary, they were automatically skipped (i.e. questions related to smoking were skipped if the patient did not smoke).

Once finished, all of the data was immediately compiled and was available for the doctor to download prior to the patient's next office visit. This saved the healthcare provider both time and money since the follow-on interview could be completed in a fraction of the time.


  • The doctors did not need to ask all the questions, yet could easily go over any questions the patient wanted to discuss.
  • Data was captured in real-time even though high bandwidth video and audio was playing locally from the CD-ROM.

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