Olympus Case Study

OlympusA manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment was consistently needing to send both a technical analyzer and then a lab technician out on a repair call. Although the technical analyzer knew exactly how the machine worked, they could not verify if the scientific readings given by the machine were accurate.

The manufacturer wanted to provide all technical analyzers with basic training to perform the medical test necessary to check the machine’s readings so the lab technicians would no longer have to go on the calls also.


  • Though the training was CD-Based, the client wanted electronic notification as each student successfully completed the program.
  • The SME and the equipment were thousands of miles from our offices and travel was not an option.
  • After initial launch, the client wanted a Web-based version of the program that could be taken online with student tracking and reporting available.


Creative Approaches created a CD-ROM-based program, which, through simulations, gave step-by-step instructions to the technical analyst on how to perform the tests necessary to check the machine’s readings. Each section was followed by a series of test questions that highlighted the points covered in the section to ensure the technicians had complete knowledge of the material covered.

All product information was communicated via training manuals and video segments showing actual equipment operation.

When the CD-version of the course was completed, the student was told to email a “completion” file from their hard drive to a specific email address.

When the Web version of the course was launched, completions were automatically reported to the Web-based tracking system.


  • The client no longer needed to send their lab technicians out into the field.
  • The company saved a significant amount of money.
  • Our Client’s clients benefited from shorter downtimes.

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