LeChase Construction Case Study

LeChase ConstructionLeChase Construction is a very well known construction company and does business throughout New York and the East Coast.

They came to us with an interest in building a learning management system (LMS) that would allow them to put all of their training records, transcripts, and materials online (within their intranet).

We built the LMS with another one of their goals in mind - adding future online courses and training directories. The LMS had to be intuitive and quick, for both the supervisors and the employees.


  • Develop an online training center that can be accessed through their intranet.
  • All course information and student transcripts must be readily available to supervisors and managers.
  • Employees can sign up for a course and managers can assign courses as necessary to their employees.
  • Pre and post course material feature to upload and download important information.
  • Email notification upon registration, failing to take a class on time and general training announcements.


IC9design/Creative Approaches built a learning management system (LMS) to hold course, student, and location information. This info is available on a number of different levels depending on who is using the training center.

When a student logs in they get a dashboard of their transcript. The transcript presents all the courses they have taken, the grade received, and the date it was taken. It also shows courses awaiting supervisor approval.

There are a quick series of approvals during the online registration process. When a student signs up for a course their supervisor is notified for approval. This step allows the supervisor to assign a cost code to the training in order to track how much the department is spending on training their group. Both the training department and the student receive the supervisors decision.

Supervisors have access to student transcripts through reporting functions. They can also access their department numbers; how many attended, what the costs were, which classes are coming up, etc. Supervisors can sign up their department for training or have each employee do it themselves.

Administrators, IT staff, and the training department can log in to update student profiles, run reports, and update the course schedule. They can also add training locations and new classes.


The training center is part of an intranet and all LeChase employees are benefiting from it.

The training department has made the training site the first stop for supervisors looking for compliance and attendance. All student training records have been uploaded into the system from up to 10 years ago. It's an evolving project that is showing great acceptance and benefits.

Creative Approaches can build your custom courses and handle your learning management needs.

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