HealthScribe Case Study

HealthScribeThis client was releasing a new version of their transcription software to over 350 work-at-home employees.

The previous release had used a paper based instruction manual. Due to the barrage of irate calls from that earlier implementation, the firm had to pull twelve technical development personnel off of next release development to provide phone tech support for two months.

The client wanted to train their at-home employees in all the new features of the next release of their software without reducing the productivity of their technical development staff.


The client had no prior experience with using Computer-based Training.

The client needed to verify completion of the CD-based training prior to installation of the new version of the transcription software.


Creative Approaches created a CD-ROM with seventeen sections dealing with each of the features of the new release. The sections were fully narrated and included an exact simulation of the software complete with all special-combination keypresses. This allowed the users to practice using the new features, and hear and read about how to use them.

Upon completing the course, a data file with each employee’s information was created. Users were then instructed to e-mail it to company headquarters where the results were tallied with a program we created. Upon verifying each user's successful completion, headquarters personnel then sent the new release to each individual. Of 350 people, only one question was asked (a total of six times). The six users had never even sent an e-mail attachment before.


The workforce was fully trained quickly and easily, and no one on the development team was pulled off their project to answer calls from irate employees.

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