Harris/RF Communications Case Study

Harris/RF CommunicationsA manufacturer of military field radios provided on-site training in both the U.S. and Mexico.


  • Having one radio for each student in the class was expensive.
  • The trainer could only help one student at a time while the other students waited their turns.
  • The classroom training forced all students to go through the class at the same pace.
  • The clients needed a quicker, more efficient way to train their students.


Creative Approaches created a bilingual CD-ROM-based program that exactly simulated the radio’s full functionality.

In the new blended learning classroom training, the instructor demonstrated on an actual radio while the students used laptop computers (which were much less expensive than the radios) to follow along.

At the end of each structured topic, the full radio simulator becomes available to the student to try anything that has been learned so far.

In addition, the user manual for the radio (created by the client) was totally integrated into the training program so the user could instantly link to the section of the manual associated with the current lesson. The training CD was also an invaluable reference guide after the classroom training ended.


  • All students could proceed at their own pace.
  • The instructor only needed to spend individualized time with students needing assistance.
  • Students could not “skip ahead” without demonstrating correct behavior of each task being taught.
  • Spanish-speaking students would “mix and match” the onscreen text and recorded audio to either Spanish or English to improve their language skills while learning about the radio’s operation.
  • The simulator performs exactly like the real radio, down to the last detail.

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